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We offer a hand-picked and highly professional team of experts.

Physiotherapist, manual therapist, rehabilitation therapist, prospective osteopath.

Languages: German, English and Spanish.

Traumatologist and orthopedic surgeon.

Languages: German, English, Spanish and Dutch.

ENT Specialist, head and throat surgery, anti-aging, allergology.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French and Romanian.

Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine.

Languages: English, German, Spanish.

General practitioner and Family medicine.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Persian.

Nicole Guillery


Masseuse and rehabilitation therapist.

Languages: German, English, Spanish and French.

Christian Werner


Pilates trainer and nutritionist.

Languages: German, English and Spanish.

Mariem Mansouri


Administration and marketing.

Languages: English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

My name is Tobi and I’m a certified physiotherapist from Germany. After completing my education in 2012, I completed further training in manual lymphatic drainage, treatment of fascia, acupuncture and meridian therapy. In 2015, I acquired a degree in Manual Therapy at the International Academy of Manual Medicine.

During my professional career I have mainly been specialised in orthopaedic medicine and sports medicine treatments. Mentoring a football team and working in a rehabilitation centre gave me the chance to further deepen my knowledge in this field. Besides, I feel very comfortable in the wellness and relaxation field as I also had the chance to work with patients in a physiotherapeutic spa facility, amplifying my knowledge in this sector on a daily basis.

In 2016, I took the decision to discover a new culture, learn a new language and continue my career in the wonderful Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

Since 2018, I have worked as a successful self-employed therapist and I am very happy living in beautiful Marbella.

I am extremely motivated to find the best therapy for each of my patients and to achieve successes together. In my personal and professional opinion, the combination of osteopathy and manual therapy together with a precise diagnosis are the keys for a successful treatment.

I do my very best every day to help all my patients and to relieve their pain.

The only constant in life is evolution.

-personally adapted from Heraclitus-

Born in The Netherlands, has over 14 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon and trainer in The Hague/Zoetermeer. In 2022 he settled on the Costa del Sol. 

He currently works at Hospital Vithas Xanit Estepona (insured care) at Compass Clinic Estepona (private care) and Marbella Sports and Orthopedics (private care).

Specialties: Traumatology, orthopedic surgery, hip and knee replacement surgeries, infiltrations with the blood products PRP and N stride, elbow surgery, revision surgery, prosthetic infection treatment and robotic surgery

  • 1981-1987: Study of Medicine University of Timisoara
  • 1988-1992: Specialist Training in ENT, in Offenburg/Germany and ENT Clinic Karlsruhe
  • August 1992: Degree ENT Specialist /Head and Neck Surgery / Plastic Surgery Head & Neck
  • November 1992: Consultant Specialist ENT, Deputy Director of the ENT Clinic, Karlsruhe
  • July 1996:
    – private ENT practice
    – manager of the ENT department of the Paracelsus Clinic Karlsruhe
  • since December 2008: private ENT practice in Marbella
Member of National and International Associations

Through my many years as Chief Physician and numerous speeches and presentations held all over the world, as well as international and national renowned publications, I have the honor to be a member and founding member in the following committees and associations:

-German Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
-German Society of Skull Base Surgery
-German Society of Audiology
-German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM)
-Austrian Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
-Société Française d’Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Pathology et de Cervico-Faciale (SOCFI)
-European Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Society (EUFOS)
-European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (JOSEPH SOCIETY & EAFPS)
-Asociación Hispano-Alemana de ORL y CIRUGÍA Cervico-FACIAL (founding member)

Born and raised in beautiful Westphalia (Germany), I studied Medicine at the Free University of Berlin and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and later at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School at Hammersmith Hospital in London.

I then started to work and research at the Charité University Hospital, Berlin. Here I finished my Doctors’ degrees ( in 2002 (summa cum laude) and was awarded the prize for the best annual dissertation.

In the following years I focused more and more on my clinical experience and became a specialist in Internal Medicine in 2005 and in Gastroenterology in 2007. In the same year I became a consultant and by 2009 head of the department of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Diabetology at the Jewish Hospital Berlin.

After these successful and happy years in Berlin – in the meantime our daughter was born – we decided to move from Berlin to the Costa del Sol, my wife´s home. On the way we stopped over in New Zealand, for a 6-month locum ship at the Timaru Hospital and a lectureship at the University of Otago, Dunedin. Since early 2013, I have been working as a gastroenterologist in the centre of Marbella.

Dr. Ali Bakhshandeh was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1971 and emigrated with his family to Austria at the age of 14 where he found a new home in Vienna. Following his school education he studied Medicine at the University of Vienna. In 2003 he obtained the title of General Practitioner and moved to Andalusia, where he has been privately and professionally based in Marbella ever since.

Dr. Bakhshandeh spent 10 years with the leading medical transportation and medical home visits company on the Costa del Sol, based in Puerto Banus, where he served as medical director for two years.

Since 2016, as a private family doctor, he has been treating his patients in a practice in the centre of Marbella in five languages. Besides being a native speaker of Persian and German, he also speaks Spanish, English and French.

He describes humanity and sensitivity, as well as the search for solutions to medical problems, as the main pillars of his work, which covers the entire field of general medicine, including home visits. Thanks to his local professional experience in Marbella, he can count on important specific knowledge in the management of his cases which brings benefits to his patients.