German Physiotherapy in Marbella

Elektrotherapie marbella


  • Electrotherapy is the application of electric current in medicine.
  • It is a useful addition to physiotherapy for any pathology.
  • Electrotherapy helps treating pain, discomfort and also strengthen weak muscles.
Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy

  • This treatment is one of the oldest healing methods.
  • Cupping stimulates the blood flow in the muscles, the connective tissue and the organs by applying and moving the cupping glasses on the skin.
  • We also offer cupping therapy for aesthetic purposes such as cellulitis treatment.


  • Kinesiotape is an elastic textile tape which is used for alternative medicine and competitive sports.
  • The tape helps ease muscle and joint pain caused by sports injuries and tension by applying gentle pressure on or around the affected area and therefore influencing the implicated tissue.